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The process of concentrating on and becoming expert in a particular subject or skill.                                    

Specialization is the order of the day when it comes to Podiatry. Whether it’s orthopedics, sports medicine, surgery , wound care or diabetes the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine expertise is critical for the efficacy of treatment. The same holds true for Financial Planning. There are coarse characteristics that subject our capital to risk such as taxes, market risk, lawsuits, a disability, premature death, interest rate risk and the unknown. Rotman and Associates specializes in a wealth planning process that teaches Podiatrists through specific academic and economic principles, all phases of protection, growth and distribution of wealth. Since 1995, Jeffrey R. Rotman, Principal of Rotman & Associates has been serving the most respected Podiatrists in the industry. Jeffrey understands the changing financial needs of Podiatry.


  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance (Association Discounts)
  • Annuities
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Access to Managed Mutual Funds
  • 401(k) and Retirement Plans


  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Student Loan Refinance
  • Access to Trust Services
  • Fee-based Financial Planning
  • 401(k) Review

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